Festive Triangles ::Baby Quilt::

I love making baby sized quilts!  Just enough fun playing with fabric combinations and designs without ever losing interest in the project.  My cousin had her baby shower on Sunday, and while I was not able to attend, I sent this along with my Mom.

I think Sean was a little jealous of this little baby girl to be!  He thought this quilt was for him and wouldn't let me take a photo without him on it.  After I handed the gift bag off to my mom I found the book that was supposed to go with it.   Of course, it's his new favorite book we have to read multiple times a day.

I used an equilateral traingle die for the accuquilt, which I borrowed from my friend Kari.  Thank you, Kari!  So easy to piece with notches to line up.  I love my sizzix and the accuquilt was just as awesome.

The fabric that started the whole thing was the citron background floral print from Carolyn Gavin.  From there I just pulled fabrics from my stash that matched.  The binding is from Lizzy House's Catnap and it's backed in hot pink minkee.

 I used batting besides the minkee, so this is a warm one!  It got all puckery/puffy out of the wash, but I think it makes it extra cozy.   Of course I did my FMQ standby, loop de loops across each row.  The minkee was not my favorite thing for FMQ as it did seem to drag more than a quilting cotton, but luckily it was a small enough quilt to handle!

 Okay, so just four more quilts left to baste, quilt and bind in my WIP pile!  Yep, probably not getting much more than the one that is a holiday gift finished by 2015.  Well, it would have been nice to start the new year with a clean slate, but that was probably a crazy unrealistic goal, ha ha!
xo, Courtney


  1. Courtney, it's so sweet! No wonder Sean loved it! And I also love choosing a feature fabric and pulling from my stash - You did an awesome job! Is it difficult to quilt with minkee? I've yet to try it, but do think it would be perfect for baby quilts and laying-around-on-the-couch quilts.

  2. I love the colors in this quilt! The Carolyn Gavin print that inspires you is one I've eyed. She has a great way of mixing colors and using shapes that are both modern and retro somehow. Enjoyed your quilt!

  3. Ah it's a fun hobby, so beginning the new year with a clean slate is overrated. You've got more to play with next year! I love the colours and design you've used for your baby girl quilt.


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