Kids Clothes Week {Day 1}

I have completely missed the last few Kids Clothes Weeks, so I am determined to put in a good effort for this session.  Now, I totally missed that the theme for the season is "upcycled."  Oops.  Personally,  I was trying to go for "sew all the fabric in your stash you keep buying for boy clothes before they are in high school."  Maybe I'll manage to get an upcycled project in this week, but definitely not today. Or tomorrow.

#kidsclothesweek finish! Navy cord #quickchangetrousers with #lotuspondfabric and flannel dots

I've been wanting to make a few more pairs of Quick Change Trousers for Sean before the weather turns warm.  The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's awesome book New Beginnings.  I made these with a navy baby wale corduroy and lined with orange and white honeycomb dots flannel.  The feature fabric is from Rae Hokstra's line for Cloud 9, Lotus Pond.

Happy frogs quick change trousers

And here's the B side.  I guess the idea behind these pants is that if they get messy you can just take them off, turn them inside out and, voila, clean (looking) pair of pants.  This just never seems to happen with me.  There is always the favorite side.  So this is probably the only time the B side will see the light of day.

Quick change trousers reverse side

I have a second pair of Quick Change Trousers already cut out for tomorrow, so hopefully I will have another finish.  Possibly an actual baby wearing a pair!

Do you participate in the Kids Clothes Week challenge?  Any big plans for the week?  

Happy Sewing! -Courtney


  1. I haven't particpated and am currently knee deep in quilts (I'm finishing the top of a 100th day of school quilt today--and it is the 100th day) with some deadlines, so I probably won't this time, but I may next time as I have a list of kids clothes to make and that might get me going, Your quick change pants are darling.

  2. Oh, those are lovely...reminding me of course of the cut out, but not made pants for my Dylan who will soon be five...Lordy. I want to be you.

  3. My grandson's favorite pants are still the treasure pocket pants! I keep adding strips to the bottom as he keeps growing - finally wore the knees out of his favorite pair. Right now I have some flannel PJs pinned but not cut out yet.

  4. Super cute! I'll have to get some corduroy for next fall/winter. I love it!


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