April Stitching

It's been a while since I've had any sewing news on the blog so I thought I'd give you a quick update. This is what my design wall looks like:

Here's what is #onmydesignwall - #haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas   Quilt top #fancyfoxquilt   Lone scrappybearpaw   #steampunk blocks and my march #havendgs #dogoodstitches random! Now show me what's on yours!

Yes, that is my sampler from Lori Holt's Quilty Little Christmas, still no borders.  Maybe it will be finished for Christmas 2016, I mean, really, what's the point working on it now?!  Everything else on the "design wall"(batting secured to the playroom wall with thumbtacks - fancy!) is totally random except the do. Good Stitches blocks on the bottom from my tutorial.  I can't wait to get my last four and turn them into a quilt.

Next to it are some of Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Foxes.  Funny story, I made these in the mountains, on a weekend getaway with some awesome girls.  They originally looked like this:

#fancyfox is going to be a pillow - these were fun but not quite enough fun for a whole quilt!

I had all these extra pieces cut and I assumed I read the cutting directions wrong since I wasn't making a whole quilt worth of blocks.  I thought they weren't as cute as they originally seemed but didn't think about it for too long, then we checked instagram and realized a funny conversation had taken place in the comments.  Things like "is there a reason you decided to leave off the foreheads?" or "did you need to shrink the blocks to fit a pillow so you left out a piece?"  Um, no - just late night sewing.  We had a good laugh and then I had a good hour with the seam ripper, ugh!!!!  

I've mainly been busy with bee blocks.  These are Stash Sewciety blocks for Lisa from March:

Also some arrows for @ohsewlola #stashsewciety

And Stash Sewciety blocks for Carlie for April:

April block 2 in black for @csduhon #stashsewciety

April block 1 for @csduhon navy #stashsewciety

And Haven Circle do. Good Stitches blocks for April:

Amsterdam blocks for #havendgs 🌷🌷🌷

In addition to bee blocks, I've also been working on swaps and gifts.  A few of us from Circle 7 decided to do a birthday swap, and this is one of the little extras I made for Amy Gibson.  It was copied from Heidi's post.

I hope @fabricmutt doesn't mind I copied her tiny patchwork coaster idea, as the little chef from #lightheartedfabric was begging to be made into one

And I did manage to sneak in one little bit of selfish sewing, a set of voile pillowcases using the super easy hot dog method.

Pair of voile pillowcases for extra sweet dreams - now To wash so I can sleep on them tonight 💤

ahhh, they are so dreamy to sleep on. 

Well, that ended up being a longer catch up than I thought.  Sorry if you follow me on IG and have seen everything before.  I have a few big finishes coming up that I'll get out the "real camera" for and have a proper blog post soon!  Ta ta for now, lovely readers!


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