Rope Bowl {experimenting}

I'm a little late to the rope bowl trend.  Actually, I got in right away and then it became rope bowl platter in my WIP pile and I finally finished it up last week.  There are tons of rope bowl examples on the interwebs, but I really liked this tutorial by Flossie Teacakes.  Ann at Stitch Supply Co. made a great one too that looks to be a great stash buster.  Finally, Amanda has quite a collection of inspiring shapes and materials. Those awesome painted ones are what I'd like to try next.

I did find this process to be really enjoyable.  Something meditative about that circular sewing that just soothes the soul.  I would like to try some other options for ending the bowl.  I went until I ran out of a rope (I used100 feet of 7/32" clothes line), and covered the end in a scrap of liberty. I used liberty scraps throughout, just wrapping bits here and there.  I used white thread in the needle and some gray (bottom and top) in the bobbin, but also a section of white in the middle.

It really makes a nice, sturdy bowl, but you can bend it a bit : )


  1. I like your bowl. Each one is unique. I wish we could figure out a way to make them a little sturdier.

    1. Can't they be coated in glue?


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