Weekly Journal #12

What I've just watched: Greta Gerwig's beautiful adaptation of Little Women.  This review has a great clip of Ms. Gerwig explaining one of the many gorgeous scenes. Don't look at this article until you've seen the movie, but it's great after you do for helping to jog your memory about how faithfully the book followed the movie.

What I'm about to start reading:  I came home from the movie realizing it's been a LONG time since I've read the book.  I also realized that even though I just lent an illustrated copy of Little Women to a friend's daughter, I still have three! How many is too many?  Normally, I'd drop a few in the local Little Free Library, but these three are special.  The older hardback is from my now deceased Godmother, with handwriting on the endpaper, "Courtney - This is one of my favorite books.  I hope you enjoy it too! Christmas 1988 - Love, Linda."  Obviously that one not only has to stay but is one of my most special possessions.  The middle copy is the Puffin in Bloom edition, designed by Anna Rifle Bond, and one of my favorite artists, plus I can't separate it from its collection on my shelves.  The top edition is from another collection I have, the Puffin Hardcover Classics.  I can't even find Little Women from this collection online anymore.  And while I was writing this, I discovered another beautiful edition, also part of a shelf-worthy collection.  Obviously the tough question here is which one should I read from?

What I'm cooking: this great twist on the Tuna Melt.  Seems like the perfect lunch or dinner for these not-quite winter weather days we've been having.

What I'm wearing:  I've been a long fan of Athleta, and this super soft sweatshirt is cute, flattering and the softest thing I've ever felt.

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