Binding Tip

My mother in law was over last weekend while I was finishing up my Ticker Tape Doll Quilt.  She was eager to see what was going on in the sewing room and I am always eager to work with her.  You always learn something when you team up with an experienced sewist! 

While we were attaching the binding, I mentioned that I had never seen a method for attaching the two end pieces that I could make sense of.  I always seem to have a little bit too much fabric after I join them.

It might be a process a little easier to see in person, but I'll do my best to explain:

Okay, you have joined the binding to the front of the quilt like so (only leave a longer tail when you start, they should overlap by about 12" for this process to go smoothly):

Now turn each end of the binding out 90 degrees in opposite directions & this is the important part, LEAVE 1/4" gap between them!  Press with an iron to mark the angles into the fabric.

Now unfold the fabric continuing along the diagonal line.  Press this as well (see how my one side is almost too short & if it were longer it would be even easier to get at to sew the joining seam).

Now pin it together on the diagonal line, stretching it to join that gap.  Sew along the pressed diagonal line with right sides together.  Unfold and continue stitching the binding to the front of the quilt.  Both times I tried it worked like a charm.

I decided to cut off the binding on my hexie mess, straighten everything out and bind it again.  Well, I thought it was going better, until I finished and it is still a wavy, crazy mess!  I know I had straight lines & right angles before I put the binding on (the second time), so I'm not sure what happened.  Maybe it's the terry cloth?!?  Any ideas welcome!


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