Pirate Pups Pajamas

I always use the Handmade Mommy tutorial for 15 minute pajama pants.  But, I really like to add bias tape to hem the pants.  I think it just adds some fun to them (and a few more minutes).

I bought some of the Alexander Henry Pirate Pups fabric just for the purpose of making my boys some new summer jammies.  I made bias tape by cutting 2 inches strips of fabric on the bias, joining them together into one long strip and then using my Clover bias tape maker.  It's like magic:  a strip of fabric goes in one side and comes out in single fold bias tape.

We need double fold bias tape for this, so you'll need to fold it in half and iron again.

And before long you'll have homemade bias tape.  Nothing wrong with using the packaged kind either:

So I just follow the 15 Minute Tutorial, except when you trace your jammies, don't add an extra length to hem the legs, just cut them off at the length you want.

Pin bias tape around the legs enclosing the end of the pants leg in the middle of the tape and overlap it by 1 inch.

Unfold the bias tape and sew right sides together with a 1/2" seam.  Make sure to line up the center fold.  After sewing, trim the seam to 1/4" and fold it back. (yes, I know you should techinically join bias tape on the bias - here is a great way to do this that my mother-in-law showed me, if you are interested).

Now sew them on to the pants leg, making sure you sew through all 3 layers (bias tape, pants leg, bias tape).

Ta-da.  Not the happiest model, despite requesting these pajamas since i got the fabric!  And I finally figured out why my pictures were so blurry today - dirty lens.

Lens is now cleaned.  I made an extra pair and they are for sale in my shop (size 3/4T).

On another note, I got a great package today.  My brother gave me a gift card for a fabric store for my birthday and as soon as I saw Anna Maria Horner's new line, Loulouthi, I knew I would be waiting to spend it on that!

I got some of the florals for dresses and tops and those darling x & o prints for some boy items as well as just general good basics to have around. Can't wait to get sewing!

Oh, and we have rediscovered outdoor easel painting this week.   It's been too hot to play outside for long during the heat of the day, but a little outdoor painting session after dinner has been a great way to wind down the day.


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