Big Boy Bathroom

I may have mentioned I am in the process of trying to transform Will's bathroom from it's glitzy art deco state into something more suitable for a two year old boy.  I'm not quite ready to rip out tile or even change out light fixtures, so I've been focusing on some easy fixes. 

My first project was the hexagon bath mat.  It ended up with wavy edges and is quite small.  A kind reader suggested the waviness might be due to not cutting the binding on the bias, but it was wavy before I put the bias tape on.  I made another, larger bathmat, skipping the binding all together and it turned out a little wavy too.  I think it might be the stretch in the terry.

With the new bathmat I sewed 2-4" by 36" strips until I had a 24" tall piece, put right sides together and sewed it together, leaving about a 6" opening to turn it.  After I turned it, I topstitched around and quilted it with straight lines 1/4" from the seams.

And I made the towels - my tutorial is here:

 My next step includes patching the wall to fill in the holes left from taking down the two extra toilet paper roll holders.  Yes, every bathroom in our house had three toilet paper holder rolls when we moved in.  No, I have still not figured out why.  They were removed in the other bathrooms, but this one has been on the back burner.  After that I am on to new knobs in the cabinets.

Couldn't resist a new pillow cover for the wee man.  Such a fast, satisfying project.

Oh, and sorry for the poorly lit photgraphs.  His room is in the back of the house and although he has a nice big window, it is too shady back there to ever let in much light.


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