Mendocino Guest Room

It's no secret I adore the fabric and illustrations created by Heather Ross.  If you search her name within my blog posts, you certainly get back the bulk of them!

In any case, this whole Mendocino Guest Bedroom idea started about two years ago when I bought quite a bit of yardage in the peachy pink colors of the Mendocino Collection.  Oh, it is amazing fabric.  The older Heather Ross fabrics, manufactured by Freespirit are some of the softest & smoothest cottons I've ever felt in my life.  Anyway, I love those little mermaids and swimmer girls.  I have always been an ocean girl.  On beach trips I would spend most of the waking time submerged in the ocean.  Last summer I had a pretty crazy stingray attack resulting in an ER visit, morphine, stitches and general sickness from the toxins it released, so the ocean girl status is on a hiatus I hope to get over soon.

Where was I? Oh, yes, ordering the Mendocino fabrics.  I had plans to make myself a quilt.  I had a new baby.  I did not really have a lot of experience quilting.  It seemed rather daunting.  I gave all my fabric to my mother-in-law, hating to see them sit on the shelf, hoping it was a lovely gift to spoil her.  Well, not long after she called to tell me "my quilt" was back from the long arm quilter!  And this is what she made:

I love the way the larger squares show off the fabric.  I am impressed they are on point. I know I could never have pieced with such precision.  I love the way the long arm quilting looks like waves:

Oh, and I just love those mermaids!  and seahorses!  and octopi! and turtles!

Then my sweet mother-in-law made me matching pillowcases. 

With ruffles.  With enclosed seams.  They are just beautiful and the shams went to the back of the bed.

Around the time I got serious about adding a few more items to the guest room, I saw that Heather Ross had a few limited edition prints for sale.  I got those for above the bed:

I decided I better add in some aqua and made the pillows I posted about earlier. 

I recovered a lampshade in some of the swimming girls fabric and white ric-rac.  Not sure which kid put the bear there, but I hated to move him.   I am trying to decide how to make that corner  little more interesting now.  We have 10 foot ceilings upstairs and this small scale nightstand (from my childhood room) and low chair look kind of lonely there.  You can see one of the reasons we bought this house  - those dark wood floors are in every room & I love not having carpet!

And finally, I re-did a mirror left over from the 80's by hot glue gunning seashells around it.

So, I know the room is very neutral.  I am not normally one to shy away from color, but it is a guest room.  I'm not sure it will always be a guest room.  The walls are a light khaki, the table skirt is natural linen, the windows are thus far untreated,  all at the ready to transform into something else, should the need arise.   For the moment, I will enjoy my mermaids.  And probably try to turn the last bits of my Mendocino fabric into some more little things for the room.

Sweet dreams.


  1. That's really really cute. Everything came together so nicely!

  2. What a perfect guest room! I'd love to stay in a room that looked like that. Beautiful! :)

  3. It looks just beautiful and very serene. I am sure your guests will be super comfy and relaxed in there.

  4. Oh I LOVE everything about this guest room. I so would love to stay in there!

  5. I love your guest room! Luckily for you I live far far away - otherwise I would love to stay there for a while:)

  6. I had to follow your link from your sew mama sew giveaway. I love this fabric line. What an inviting guest room

  7. This is so pretty and a great inspiration to me. Thanks!

  8. What about a floor pouf to put your feet up on when sitting in that chair.


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