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This month in the do.  Good Stitches bee we, the Joy Circle, were tasked with making improvisational blocks in green with just a little "jewel" of a rainbow tone.  Our quilter this month, Jolene (of BlueElephantStitches) gave us this little montage for inspiration.  These blocks were fun and easy to put together.  I love green, so I think this quilt is going to be amazing, but it has me thinking about a rainbow quilt with each square made up of one color...
Just what I need, another half completed quilt!  I'll hold on to that idea.

I always love when a quilt I contributed squares for is finished.  Here is the one from  put together by Elaine of Dashasel Sews.  You can see my blocks here.

photo courtesy of
And February's quilt from Drop Dead Cute:

photo courtesy of
Those blocks were tough - lining up all those points!  Here is my original post about them.

Hope to have some finished projects to share soon; I feel like I'm drowning in works-in-progress!


  1. The green blocks looks great! I love the frog fabric you used.

  2. Thanks, Elaine! Those frogs are from Heather Ross' old West Hill line for FreeSpirit


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