Five Little Monkeys

You are probably sick of posts about homemade pajama pants using this easy tutorial, but I couldn't resist another. Previous 15 minute jammy pants can be found here & here.

We had wonderful family friends visit on their way to and from the beach (one of the benefits of living in Charlotte - lots of beach traffic company!).  I didn't get five pairs of  pajamas whipped out in time for their first visit two weeks ago, but I was determined to have five pairs (my 2 boys, her 3year old and 1 year old twins) on their return.  That was a lot of ironing folds in fabric for elastic casings and hems, but I powered through and got it finished.

It was tough to get five toddlers to look at the camera right before bedtime.  I almost forgot to do the photo-shoot.  I had plans for doing it outside, but the kids were DONE by this point, so it was all I could manage.

I'm linking up today at Southern Institute.

Oh, and I have been too busy with etsy orders to do much work on Across the Seas Quilt-a-long, Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long, my fall patchwork quilt or much of anything else! 

I'm hoping to get back on track this week. 

Oh, and one more thing.  One of my favorite things to see:

Of course they were all snuggled up until I grabbed the camera.


  1. adorable jammies! I love sock monkeys and I love that fabric. I had that same fabric, but have used it all. Wish I had more for some monkey jammies! :-)


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