Oh, Baby!

I couldn't resist any longer, I had to do some sewing for baby.  He is set to arrive in late April, so I am starting to realize if I want to make everything swirling around in my head I better get started.

I started with a pair of Big Butt Baby Pants from the Made by Rae Pattern.  I just got my serger back from a much needed tune up and I am so excited to have a smoothly functioning machine again!
For this little 0-3 mos. size, I was able to use some leftover gray linen from Will's Spider Pants and just a bit of a new fat quarter of Patty Sloninger Socks the Fox from her Les Ami line.  You will probably be seeing more from this line soon, as I decided it might be new favorite print!  I couldn't resist a simple applique onesie with the adorable Socks the Fox.

If you follow me on Instagram (courtiepie), you might have seen that we are attempting to try something new for this baby!  Cloth diapering!  So we'll probably need some more Big Butt Baby Pants!  Any advice on cloth diapering is welcome, by the way...

I am not going to attempt to make cloth diaper covers, but I figure with a serger I can easily make some inserts, prefolds and wipes and I bought a bunch of organic flannel, bamboo and hemp fabrics to experiment with.  I also bought some PUL and figured homemade wipe bags would be pretty simple.  I found a few tutorials online, but ultimately just made them sized to fit some random pieces of fabric and used the same method I use to create any zip pouch I make, like this one here.

These are so quick and easy and I used some fabrics I couldn't part with, but didn't really have enough to do anything with.

Are you intrigued by the lovely quilting on the aqua fabric in the background of those two pictures?  Oh, my it is so exciting.  My package for the Sew, Sew Modern Swap arrived today and in it was the most amazing table runner and set of six napkins from Pam (Sewmama123).  I was lucky enough to get Pam in the last round of Pretty Little Pouch Swap and she just makes the most beautiful things. Wow, this sure takes the cake!  Oh, and I just bought my first quart of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to transform this table from the wood finish to a cream color.  I think the runner will look even better on it then!

Between the newly tuned-up serger and the amazing swap package in today's mail, I am one happy girl today. I hope you are having an equally happy week!


  1. Oh I love that little foxy outfit! So cute! Also love your swap package, and the little pouches.
    I used cloth nappies (diapers) with all 3 of my babies - there is nothing cuter than chubby baby legs sticking out of a big cloth bum!

  2. the fox out fit is adorabale. I have known people who made their own diapers like you have and have been very happy with them. Have fun makeing for this new little one.

  3. Everything is SO cute! My girlfriend, Rachel, has been cloth diapering her little girl, Maggie. They are both coming to my shower on Sunday. Remind me to introduce the two of you. She has a really great blog too & has done a handful of posts on CDing. http://lilacsandavocados.blogspot.com/

  4. I love cloth diapering! We had a diaper service with my first, but I've done it all on my own with my second two (including this new baby). A few bits of advice:

    1. Make sure you have a diaper sprayer. It makes cleaning off the baby poop super easy!
    2. Everyone has their own wash method, but I wash mine in a heavy-duty wash cycle on cold first (always run your diapers with the maximum water level). Then do another wash in hot water (no detergent in the second wash) before drying everything. I use Planet detergent, by the way, and I love it. Remember, no fabric softener with your diapers.
    3. A wipes warmer is a great way to keep your wipes nice and warm for baby. I use a simple solution of water, splash of olive oil and splash of witch hazel for soaking my wipes before I toss a stack in the warmer. And I made all of my wipes out of flannel squares that I zig-zagged together (before I had a serger).

    Good luck and have fun! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about cloth diapering. I've been doing it for over 5 years now, so I've got a lot of experience. :)

  5. Little foxy outfit is adorable! The pouches are wonderful and a great way to use up that fabric you can't part with yet only enough to make something small.

    Funny cloth diapers making a return. That was what I used for my little guys many years ago - I'm giving my age away! Needle and Nest's reply brought back memories of washing and how to take care of them.

    Congrats on the lovely table runner win. It will look great on that cream chalk table someday!

  6. Yay for baby nesting! The fox outfit is so cute and I can't wait to see what else you make!

  7. Congrats on having another boy, I'm thinking mine is going to be a boy too. Cute fox outfit, baby sewing is so cute and so much fun! We are going to go back to cloth nappies with this one too. I think I need to start sewing some nappy bags!


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