FWQAL Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long!

I changed my own rules this week.  I went from doing two blocks a week in order by the book, to deciding if I got the two finished, I could skip ahead and cherry pick extra blocks to make.  Probably will make it tough down the road to remember what I have done, but so far I could look at each block in the book and tell you if I made it yet, and, probably, what fabrics I used.  I guess you become pretty intimate with each block after all that cutting and piecing.

I have to say, this quilt along is doing wonders for my piecing skills.  I think the biggest revelation came when I opened the seam allowances instead of pressing them to one side.  I did this initially to reduce bulk, but the added bonus of lining up points and seams accurately is the big surprise for me!

Up first is [24] Country Path with some Heather Ross Farmer's Market taking center stage. Love that chick belting it out!  Also used the aqua dots, Anna Maria Horner green x&o's from Loulouthi and bubble burst from Innocent Crush, and orange Pearl Bracelets from Lizzy House.

Next is [25]  Cups and Saucers in the little newspaper sailboats from Heather Ross' Spoonflower line, pink & yellow floral from Heather Bailey & Bicycles from Erin McMorris.

Then I skipped to [28] Duck & Ducklings in more HR Spoonflower  (clothespins dolls), more orange Pearl Bracelets and Pink from Sherbet Pips.  Not quite enough contrast between the dark pink & orange.

My fourth block was the blissfully simple [29] Economy with a swatch of some bride patterned fabric cut up from munki munki Heather Ross pajamas.  Red letter day stripes in green and Fuschia Beads provided just the right amount of zing - this might be my favorite of the bunch.  In fact, I am thinking of turning all my munki  munki/Heather Ross scraps into a quilt using this block.  Number 34 in line for my "quilts to make" mental list.

Yes, there are more.  [30] End of Day, also another favorite, I just like the colors and composition.  Maybe a whole quilt of these?  That would be awesome, not sure I have the patience.  The aqua fabric is from Michael Miller's Mike's Minis collection.

Finally [31] Evening Star with more munki munki pajamas - those elephants. With only little bits of fuschia and light gray, this might be my most calm block yet.

I couldn't resist seeing the progress again:


  1. I love your fabric choices and your fussy cut blocks. All together, your blocks are beautiful! Mine looks completely different since I'm using scraps, and many of my older scraps are traditional fabric.


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