I am headed to a baby shower tomorrow and just had to share with you the projects I have been working on.  It all started with this bin on her registry.

When I saw it I just had to design some monkey print fabric on Spoonflower to make some special baby items to go with it.

One of my favorite baby gifts to make is a square cotton swaddle blanket with flannel on the back.  I learned how to make mitred corners in the one sewing class I've ever taken, but if you need a tutorial, I just saw this one pinned - I haven't tried it exactly, but it seems pretty close to the way I make it.  I usually can't get the bigger, flannel piece to be more than 40" because I tend to get flannel that is 42" wide and I wash first & trim the selvage.  But just make sure your pieces are 4 or more inches different.  Mine were 40" and 36" which makes for a narrow border.  The greater the difference the wider the border.

Here is the bin.  I hope it's not stealing a design.  I figured it was  a little different & used in a completely different way.

I added a few burp cloths and a onesie embellished with a piece of the fabric.

Here's hoping she really liked that monkey!


  1. Wow, Courtney. That is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Beautiful, beautiful.

    Karen E. In Charlotte

  2. That is fantastic! I am sure she will love it!

  3. What a great gift Courtney! I bet she will be thrilled!

  4. AMAZING! Courtney, even though I have only ever met you once in person, when I have a second child, you are totally invited to any showers that are thrown in his/her honor! ;) (Though, I typically don't think second kid showers are necesary. This post made me think they are!;)

    I have a question about that website where you design the fabric: Is the actual fabric good quality? Is it soft?

  5. That is the most thoughtful gift ever! So much planning and work put in to that, I am sure she will love it forever!!!

  6. What a lovely thoughtful gift, I love how you designed your own fabric for it


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