Covert Robin Swap

my friend rachael over at imagine gnats happens to be coming up on her two year blog-iversary this april. (congrats!) and what's a blog-iversary without presents, right? so we thought... the more presents, the better. and let's throw in some prizes too!!

here is where you come in: do you blog? do you appreciate handmade? do you like presents? do you have a new years resolution to join a swap this year? and what about those prizes? all right, then... let's talk details.

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what is the covert robin?

a round-robin gift exchange of handmade presents. you get to make something special for another blogger, and you'll also receive your very own handmade present from a mystery blogger (your "covert robin").

how does it work?

first, you'll need to sign up (form below). then, my co-hosts and i will assign everyone a gift recipient. after receiving your recipient, you'll make your gift and send it off. and here's the extra fun part: when your gift is received, you'll be guest posting on your recipient's blog about your gift. you'll receive a gift as well and share your covert robin's guest post on your blog. then we'll host a linky party to share your guest posts. finally, each of the co-hosts will be randomly awarding one participant a prize (that's eight chances to win!).

when does this happen?

sign-up is open now through the end of the month
you will receive your recipient information on march 2
gifts must be mailed no later than march 31
guest blog link-up will begin april 1 and run through april 30
prize winners will be chosen randomly and announced on may 4

who are the hosts?

Audrey (Planet Hausfrau)
Courtney (mon petit lyons)
Jane (buzzmills)
Karen (Sew Well Maide)
Kelley (casa crafty)
Lena (Mom2MemphisAndRuby)
Rachael (imagine gnats)
Diane (from blank pages)

*sign-up form available on any of the hosts' blogs, and the guest post link-ups in april will post on each of the blogs as well*

swap guidelines (are simple):

1. make something handmade and lovely
2. send your gift (and guest blog post) according to the above timeframes
3. have fun :)

not required, but would be appreciated:
1. add a nifty covert robin button on your blog
2. check out and follow my lovely co-hosts blogs

and, hey... we're aware that not everyone spends 20 hours a week sewing :) and maybe you're feeling a little non-crafty but want to participate? well, here are some fun non-sewing handmade ideas from the very lovely Audrey:

Do you sing or play an instrument? Maybe you could record a song and send it along! Do you knit, sculpt, bead, paint, cook fabulous creations? Awesomesauce. Like to write short stories or poems? Do it! Maybe you don't 'think' you have any creative talents but you are a wiz at history or trivia or really really love to give affirmations to people to lift their spirits? I bet you could write some trivia or affirmations on playing cards and with the help of some paint or paper and create something someone would love. History and the sciences can be tricky..but they can also be the most awesome gifts ever if you think about it. Think Geek has cornered the market in science wonders..maybe you can come up with something funny to bundle up yourself and send along. Or hey, have you ever heard of Kate Beaton? She's my absolute favorite history comic artist. She knows how to make history hysterical. Maybe you can riff off her and draw a funny comic related to your history area of expertise? Still at a loss for what you can do? Have you ever heard of terrariums? Anyone can pot a plant prettily. See... so many possibilities.

alright, then... go ahead and send us your info! we can't wait to see what you make :)



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