Valentine's Day

Once we're in January, I start to think about my favorite holiday:  St. Valentine's Day!  I just love everything about it.  Doilies, hearts, love, pink, red, candy, chocolates, roses, ah!

Well, last year I devoted a week to Valentine's crafts and recipes, and as many of you were not following me yet, I thought I'd do a re-cap.  Since it's creeping up on us, I thought sooner was better than later, although these are all pretty easy to make and don't require much time.  And, um, some of these are a little funny looking back, oh, well!

I hope you enjoy those!  I am trying hard to come up with a sequel to do this year.  I have a few ideas, for sure, just not sure enough to fill a week again.

Enjoy your weekend! -Courtney


  1. Thank you so much. I am more of a Christmas girl then a Valentine girl, but your cute crafts have me excited. I love the tablerunner and the hear cookies. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Funny! I spent most of the day making felt Valentine cookies/doughnuts, hair clips, and softies:)

  3. cute! i guess i need to start thinking about hearts :)


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